Olive harvest season in Al Jabal Al Akhdar, Oman

Oman Observer

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AL Jabal AL Akhdhar is witnessing another festival with the hope of drawing more visitors to the mountain. Anantara Al Jabal Al Akhdhar Resort is organizing its inaugural olive harvest festival, a celebration of the mountain’s unique surroundings and local enterprise in partnership with the local community...
To make the harvest more exciting, Anantara Al Jabal Al Akhdar Resort celebrates the rich harvest with its inaugural olive festival (September 11-17) where guests of the resort enjoy a full daily schedule of olive-inspired activities such as fun harvesting competitions and olive souk.
Welcoming all guests from around the world, Anantara provides an experience of the fascinating history and unique culture while connecting visitors with the ‘must be’ places in Oman.
The first annual olive harvest festival is a unique experience at Anantara Al Jabal Al Akhdhar resort. Participating guests are each given a beautiful local basket to fill up with olives plucked from trees. Whoever picks more, is declared the winner of the harvest.

There are almost twenty five types of olives. Red, black, green, with different sizes and shapes.


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